Grammatically (to say nothing of the dubious spelling and capitalization), it should be “my bff and me judging you”.

Otherwise… *strokes evil pigeon* Accurate.


Take Note: A Lesson in Evil

While my sister makes no claim of super-villainy, it’s been made potently clear time and again that she’s got the knack for it — both the cunning mind, and an instinct for evil that you just can’t teach. Lest I begin to underestimate the depths of her depravity and her intimate knowledge of my weaknesses, she hand-delivered this note to me yesterday as a harsh reminder:

Evil Note

Let’s take a moment to admire the artistry, shall we?

“Dear Danielle¬†(Comma. Where is the comma? The villainy begins early.)¬†I know your use¬†(*twitch* A possessive “your” where the contraction “you’re” should be. And it’s “used”, darn it, “useD”!) to looking at pourly wrote sentences (“Pourly wrote”?! Ooooh, she is diabolical!) (And where is the comma?!) but I know they still bothers you (*sob*) so I wrote you this note because I think its (Apostrophe) funny too (NO) be mean to you and its (APOSTROPHE) funny (What, no end punctuation? But at this point, why should we expect any better?)

Love (True love uses commas!!!) Dianne”

Villainously played, sister. Villainously played.