“There Are No Good Men in This Game”

My Other Self lately posted a review of “Vicious” by V.E. Schwab. Since it is a book rife with villainy/questionable morality/superpowers darkly used, I felt it appropriate (if distasteful, since I like to have as little as possible to do with my “good twin”) to grant access to that review within my domain.

A sample:

“There are no good men in this game.”

So spake one of the characters, and may well have spoken true. There was no pure white, and no solid black, leaving the reader to choose a shade of gray to root for. The villain or his wicked archnemesis; pick your pleasure. There were characters I liked more than others, characters I very much wished not to die, and characters for whom I wished the opposite. It was harder to find characters I couldn’t pity. Even the worst of the bad guys had their sympathetic half-a-moments.

(For the full review, click here.)

Vicious by V.E. Schwab


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