Careless Villainy

There are people out there who don’t spend all day plotting ways to ruin people’s lives*.

(*Or so I assume. …or would, if I were the sort to believe the best about people who only ever show me their worst**.)

(** Unless what I’m seeing is their best, in which case I rest my case about the worthlessness of humanity).

These people don’t have to plot. They’re just naturals at ruining lives without trying.

Their selfishness and obliviousness to how their actions affect others does the job as effectively as a doomsday ray cannon, causing just as much pain and devastation as any intentional villain ever did.

The coldly analytical portion of my dark side — the portion only concerned with the bottom line, the end never minding the means — admires the unpremeditated ease with which they wreak ruin upon the world around them.

The rest of me detests these careless villains.

Their poor mothers deserve so much better.


Have Villainy, Will Travel

Tom Hiddleson, Art of Villainy

Hard to say who’s savvier about villainy: Tom Hiddleston himself, or the wicked minds who plotted to market their car through an ad (seen here) playing up the charisma of a Brit so good at being bad.

Well played, everyone.

I may or may not have to steal myself a new villainmobile, now.